Here are a set of easy to use calculators. They are from an independent source – REIWA

Home loan repayment calculator

The Home Loan Calculator will help you to determine what the repayments on your mortgage are going to be. The results will be calculated in a table and also shown on a graph. The graph will give you the loan balance across the period of your loan, as well as the interest that has been paid. Home Loan Repayment Calculator

Stampduty Calculator 

The Stampduty Calculator will help you determine the amount of such duty on a property acquisition. It covers all states and all home purchasers including first home purchasers and foreign purchasers. Stampduty Calculator

Mortgage and home loan comparison calculator

The Home Loan Comparison Calculator allows you to compare two home loans side by side. Enter the details of both loans into the calculator. The comparison will show you which loan will be more beneficial to you and how much money you’ll be saving overall by choosing that loan. Note: In using the calculator, if there are no intro rates and intro periods then just set Intro Rate to 0% and Intro Term to 0 months Home Loan Comparison Calculator

How long to repay calculator

Use the How Long To Pay Calculator to determine how long it will take to pay off your mortgage. The results will be displayed for you in a table. Use this calculator to work out how long it will to pay off a loan if you make extra repayments. How Long To Pay Calculator

Loan offset calculator

The Home Loan Offset Calculator calculates the interest and time saved by using an offset account with your home loan. By entering the amount in your offset account you will be able to determine the interest saved as well as the overall time saved in paying your loan back. Home Loan Offset Calculator

Borrowing power calculator

Want to know how much money you can borrow to purchase your next property? We do not recommend using a borrowing calculator as there are a lot of elements related to Income, living expenses and lenders policy that may not be reflected in such calculators. As a result, they can be misleading. It is best to CONTACT us and we can do the calculations based your particular circumstances and give you a much better indication of your borrowing power.